• Point of Sail for Cardboard VR January 27, 2016

    I was introduced to Marine Verse on twitter, a company that is making Virtual reality apps aimed at helping people how to sail in VR. The Android app let’s you discover, in a 360 degree virtual environment, what the different point of sail points are around your sailboat. I have never sailed before, but I Continue Reading..

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  • Google’s New App lets you take VR Photos for Free

    Cardboard Camera takes VR ready photos, so you can relive your photographic memories in virtual reality. What is different from the panoramic shots that you can normally take on most Smartphone’s is that this app records the sounds live so you can relive the atmosphere as you look around in every direction feeling you are Continue Reading..

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  • Google Cardboards Sound Goes Super Spatial January 21, 2016

    Google Cardboard is know as the best way you can try and access virtual reality for low cost and just your smartphone. However when compared to headsets 100 times the price, the criticism of the sound from the smartphone can be known. As you use an Oculus Rift, when you hear space ship whizzing by Continue Reading..

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