Google Cardboards Sound Goes Super Spatial

January 21, 2016

Google Cardboard is know as the best way you can try and access virtual reality for low cost and just your smartphone. However when compared to headsets 100 times the price, the criticism of the sound from the smartphone can be known.

As you use an Oculus Rift, when you hear space ship whizzing by your right you can hear the afterburner buzzing in right ear, or when a bullet comes at you from below you know precisely where to fire back.


The clever guys at Google Cardboard have now give outlines for new apps to support spatial audio, giving the low cost platform a massive boost as apps will be given a new dimension. As the story or gameplay changes you look and hear directional audio so you are led through the action.  It is 3d sound that makes your experience much like real life.

App and game developers will bow be able to be match specific sounds to where the user is looking making the experience seem more real. Using binaural tricks, when you hear something to your far right for example there will be a gap in time before the sound is played to your ears. This gives a real experience that is noticeable within your game or app. Google Cardboard’s sound will now react to your actual physical surroundings, For instance if your are walking on a wood floor you can hear the sound echoing.

All you need is headphones to make this work. Another reason to get a WindUp Google Cardboard and shows you do not need to spend a small fortune to get great a great VR experience.

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