Google’s New App lets you take VR Photos for Free

January 27, 2016

Cardboard Camera takes VR ready photos, so you can relive your photographic memories in virtual reality.

What is different from the panoramic shots that you can normally take on most Smartphone’s is that this app records the sounds live so you can relive the atmosphere as you look around in every direction feeling you are standing where the photo was originally taken.

The virtual reality photos are recorded in 3D so you can see the scenery near or far in relation to you shot the pic. This immersive photo is designed to bring you back to those found memories in a format that you never thought possible.

With expensive VR cameras soon to come on the market, this new innovation by Google gives you a free entry into virtual reality video.

What to do:

You download the app and take a picture in about 20 seconds in portrait mode. You then get the option if you then want to add audio to the picture.

Then to experience Camera Cardboard please put your phone into a WindupVR cardboard and watch back your VR pictures.

You can get the app free at the Here at the Google App Store.

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