Google Cardboard WindUp Viewer (copy)

January 11, 2016

£878.00 £343.00



Features :

Pictures: Large Lenses
  • Comes pre-assembled, no assembly necessary.
  • Premium 37mm Bi-Convex Lenses (45mm Focal Length)
Button input: Picture of Button
  • A Conductive Button for making sections on the viewer.
  • The viewer comes in a box-style package with good portability.
  • Works with all Smartphone’s (Android and iPhone).
Secure Construction - Picture
  • Comes pre-assembled, no assembly necessary.
  • The viewer also includes Velcro strips to secure both the top and side panels of the VR Kit and a rubber band.
Universal Phone Compatibility
  • Works with all most Smartphones up to 6 inches -  Iphone 6/5/4 and most Android phones.
  • Compatible phones include:
    • Google Nexus 4 / 5,
    • Samsung Galaxy series S3/ S4 / S5
    • iPhone 6/5/4
    • Sony Xperia
    • LG G3 /G4
    • and many others!
We sell high quality Virtual Reality viewers to individuals and companies. Google Cardboard and their low cost approach inspire us in our thinking to VR. There will be 171 million VR users by 2018. Get a cardboard now and join the party!

20 Million

VR Users around the globe